CACKALACKY! (dir. Alexis Boling)

Let Me See That Ponytail Run

(Possum Den Productions – NSFW)

Live & Breathing Sessions

 The Dacha and Bristol Train Station (Playlist)

LC King Centennial Sessions (Bristol, TN)

Pay For That Money (Live)

Audiotree Sessions (playlist)

Music Fog

The “1740 Sessions” (Acoustic) from The Possum Den

European Tour

Soundcheck and excerpt from ‘Corn Money’ at Paradiso in Amsterdam

European Tour Compilation
The Defibulators – Ol’Winchester
from Jukastan on Vimeo.

“Defibulator” shot in ‘Dance-Cam’ at Sjor in Roggel, Amsterdam
(Select HD format for best effect. Warning: may cause high anxiety)

The Buddy Ebsen-Hackett Infomercial for Corn Money!

Buddy on the Farm from the defibulators on Vimeo.

Classic Country Music


Google Pumpkin Patch in Times Square
See pics of the Defibs playing the recent massive pop-pup pumpkin patch in Times Square!
Wildwood Revival!
We had a blast playing Wildwood Revival in Athens, GA. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss it next time it rolls around! Check out some of...
We were honored to play one of the best fests in the country for the first time! The incredible lineup included Pokey LaFarge, Langhorne...
Derby Day!
We’re thrilled to return to the annual Kentucky Derby Day party at Eleven Madison Park. We’ll join The Crooners and Brain Cloud for the...
The Brooklyn Country Cantina at SXSW
Our annual sxsw day-party held at Licha’s Cantina in Austin, TX. Curated by the Defibulators and Daniel Roark. View the official website for more details:
Daytrotter Session
Listen to our 5-track session for Daytrotter; recorded straight to tape in one take at their Rock Island, IL studios. Do yourself a solid and subscribe...
Audiotree Session
Watch our deliriously fun Audiotree session in Chicago from our ‘Hot Snow’ tour through the Midwest. Download it and save it to your spancy...
The Defibs Play The Kinks: MUSWELL HILLBILLIES
On Sept 24, 2014 we performed The Kinks 1971 album Muswell Hillbillies, live in its entirety at The Bell House in Brooklyn, featuring guest...
The Mel Bay Songbook!
We are exited to announce the printing of The Defibulators Songbook by Mel Bay Publications! The 116 page book includes songs from Corn Money as...
Road Vines
“Everybody’s Got A Banjo” Photo Show at Chelsea Market
Portraits by Teddy Telles Song by The Defibulators “EVERYBODY’S GOT A BANJO: Instrument of the Everybilly“ is a series of portraits taken August 28th in...
Everybody’s Got a Banjo debuts right on TIME
 We’ve got nothing but love for the banjo. So does all of America. Wrote a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it goes!