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Next NYC show: Katz’s 125th Anniversary/LES DayLife Fest!

Friends and New Yorkers!  The iconic landmark and indisputable king of kosher cuts, Katz’s Deli will be turning 125 this year and celebrating with a huge outdoor event on Sunday, June 2nd.  The Defibs are humbled by the invitation to play the event, so come join us in honoring this NYC institution! You’ll find us drinking pastrami-tinis with pickles protruding from our pockets. Oh, and btw, there will be an MLE pastrami eating competition and Nathan’s hot-dog eating champion, Joey Chestnut, will compete!  Will Kobabyashi parachute down from the sky to crash the party!?!…Guess you’ll have to be there to find out. Sunday, June 2nd 2013
205 E Houston St.
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  The party will be in conjunction with the DayLife Festival, a 3-block event featuring food and fine goods from Lower East Side vendors.  They are even covering Orchard Street with astroturf, so yeah….come barefoot, I guess.