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The Mel Bay Songbook!

We are exited to announce the printing of The Defibulators Songbook by Mel Bay Publicationsmel-bay-book-coverThe 116 page book includes songs from Corn Money as well as 6 songs from our upcoming album. It also includes lead guitar tablature, fiddle transcriptions, photos, illustrations, and a bizarre DIY section called Metalbelly’s Woodshed.

It’s been an honor to collaborate with Mel Bay on this unique book and to be included in their catalog.

Order your copy or download an e-book HERE

Watch this  short description of the book by Collin Bay. He’s the man.

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The Debfibulators

The Defibs are Brooklyn’s kings of alt-country—just minus the “alt.” This is true, fiddle-driven Americana here. Their honest spin on rootsy bluegrass is refreshing and fun. With all the proggy pretenses stripped away and no pesky Jim O’Rourke-types complicating their sound, the Defibulators transport you to a Louisiana porch where ma’s vittles kiss the air and a washboard ain’t just for cleanin’.

Don’t be quick to label the Defibs revivalists though—their sound is as fresh as it is traditional. The New Yorker branded them “citibilly,” the perfect name for a band that’s equal parts Mast Brothers chocolate and down-home possum pie.

new look…

On our 24 hour drive back to NYC from the Gulf Coast we stopped at a Wal-Mart to fix the AC in our van.
While we were there we tried on some dope specs – now we’re gonna start a new indie-art-rock band as a side project.

beards+glasses+cowpunk = …”TV on the Patio”
Look out, Brooklyn!

HEE-HAW Screening and Texas Margaritas!

Djs Pancho & Lefty (aka Bug and T-Bone Bernardo) will be playing vintage country tracks and screening a classic episode of HEE-HAW tomorrow night (5/10) at Nita Nita in Williamsburg.  It’s Mexabilly Monday at Nita, and Sam and the gang will be serving up Tex-Mex tapas specials (like mashed sweet taters w/ chorizo),  and $4 Lone Star Margaritas (trust us on this one).  Sip one in the garden, if we may suggest while listening to the golden country sounds.  We’ll be there from 8pm on.

146 Wythe Ave (at N8th),
Brooklyn, NY 11211,
(718) 388-5328,