“With their new album, “Debt’ll Get ‘Em,” the band lives well beyond the promise of their first album and the critics’ praise, delivering a blistering, let’s-get-down-to-the-truth, eclectic mix of musical styles that push and stretch the boundaries of country music by blending genre-bending guitars, fiddles, and banjo with the often haunting vocals of Erin Bru and the won’t-let-you-stop-thinking lyrics of Bug Jennings” (full article)
Rowdy, punk-fueled twang highlighted by heaps of blue-collar wit” (full review)

“Substance and harmonies that recall the music that was played at the Grand Ole Opry in its heyday”
(full review)

They say there’s a band for every moment in time, and though that may be a tall order to lump on The Defibulators’ shoulders exclusively, they seem to define this strange time in country roots better than most.(read review)
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“The Defibs are Brooklyn’s kings of alt-country—just minus the “alt.
This is true,fiddle-driven Americana here.”

Carter Family-meets-Ramones…an eclectic acoustic/electric sound all their own.”
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“The perfect soundtrack for a family picnic, or a meth lab.” (read post)
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“Brooklyn’s own Asylum Modal Beat Farmers, countrier than I See Hawks in L.A. and Spike Jones put together” -ROBERT CHRISTGAU

‘Big Apple Produces Big Country Sound” – THE DURANGO HEARLAD (read article)

“[Bug] and singer Erin Bru slip into harmonies that recall the storied Gram Parsons–Emmylou Harris duets…moments of unvarnished beauty”
“Corn Money recreates the barroom swing of early country greats…
a boozy concoction worth swigging until last call
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“Sinister, squawking urban honky-tonk
and rockabilly served hot and dirty.”

Corn Money: #1 Album of 2010:

“A rockabilly bluegrass band from Brooklyn? Don’t scoff! With the release of their new album Corn Money earning plenty of attention, these city bumpkins are causing a barrel o’ buzz. Trading children’s acid-washed jeans and Ray-Bans for long johns and denim overalls? Now that’s how you change things up in the Brooklyn music scene.”

Fall Music Picks
– The Defibulators

“If your first reaction to the words “Brooklyn Country Music Festival” is “Does irony know no bounds?” you’re not alone, but the silliest that Brooklyn septet Defibulators (whose influences on MySpace include Buck Owens and “beef commercials”) get is naming a track “Steal Harmonicas” and finding cleverer rhymes for “Chester” than “molester.” Mostly, they craft raucous tunes you could affectionately affix the “-billy” tag to, like the brassy “Get What’s Coming to You” and the cordial “Your Hearty Laugh.”
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“The Defibulators (not defibrillators) hail from Brooklyn, New York’s thriving indie scene and they’ve developed a funky, rootsy, out-of-control sound that’s all their own. The six-man, one-woman band blends bluegrass, country, honky tonk, rockabilly, Dixieland jazz, punk, and maybe a touch of anti-folk into an intoxicating, good-time mélange that’s guaranteed to slap a smile on your face. Roots-heavy, post-punk music that reinvents the conventions of country music with a CBGB-meets-Grand Ole Opry feel.”
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“Clever, hotfooted, Brooklyn-born bluegrass septet The DEFiBULATORS bring the mix du jour of punky energy and hipster insouciance, doing hillbilly with wry humor. There’s a playful junkyard raggedness—not to mention pretty duet vocal harmonies—between Erin Bru and Bug Jennings that brings a homey charm to their debut LP Corn Money.” “The pastiche is expert: ‘The Gravy Shake’ suggests The Mar-Keys jamming with The Buckaroos, and the amazing ‘Go-Go Truck’ pays loving tribute to Dave Dudley”
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“The Defibultors are gifted musicians…genuine about their craft.”

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“The debut release by the Defibulators, a low-down, junky Brooklyn septet, greases your heart valves with smooth Carter family harmonies while rousting the listener with wild rockabilly, down-home bluegrass, and soulful, dark lyrics. Their authentic twang seems to belie the members’ carpetbagger heritage, as the seven musicians misbehave and tell stories under the guise of hellbilly (i.e. badass rockabilly) thrashers and country ballads. The cloghopping “Ol’ Winchester”, sounds like a drunken square dance on speed.

“If the Blues Brothers played more than just covers at Bob’s Country Bunker, this is what it would sound like. Making music that’s both “country” and “Western,” the Defibulators deliver tunes informed by rock and jazz…But female vocalist Erin Bru’s crooning on a song like “Wandering Eye” melts any notions of cynicism or insincerity. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, The Defibulators flatter the hell out of country music.
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“Brooklyn’s sly honky-tonkers the DEFiBULATORS create a fantastic, fantastical debut. Big-band sound, smart-band lyrics, and artist’s-band instrumentalism conspire to twang you into 1920s Arkansas. In a good way. Pleading vocals and pleasing whackabilly rhythms complete the magnificent effort, sending you moseying (briskly) to your record store.”

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“The Defibulators eschew pretension by dirtying up their hillbilly tunes with driving rhythms and a dash of feedback. While the barn burners, such as “Defibulator” and “Go-Go Truck,” propel their live show and their new album, Corn Money, it’s the quieter, contemplative songs, like the boozy “Wandering Eye,” that really pack a wallop.”

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“Corn Money is a barn-burning album that is musically as “roots” as it gets…definitely a band to watch””
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The Defibulators aren’t your grandpa’s honkytonkin’ band…the intentionally fuzzy production quality is as trippy as the tight psychedelic bluegrass musicianship is tight.  In The Defibs’ hands, Southern music turns into something oddly dark. About time someone put a spin on both kinds of music (Country and Western). All seven musos play their instruments with flair and grace, but sheer musicianship isn’t the point here. Corn Money could be the soundtrack to a spaghetti Western filled with drugs and chainsaws”

“Their tightly woven sound, strange drawl and junkyard accompaniment is used to full effect….The band shines on fast-paced tracks like “Ol’ Winchester”—a sonic tornado guaranteed to cause spontaneous fits of un-ironic foot tapping. ‘Money’ is a throwback to classic country that stands on its own two red long-johns-clad feet”

“The Defibulators capture a jubilance that’s enticing and accessible…a rarity”

“This Brooklyn septet stops some hearts with wrenching country ballads and raucous hellbilly.

“Compelling is a good word to use when describing New York’s banjo, fiddle and washboard filled hillbilly rock of The Defibulators, though unique may be an even better description…It’s fun and catchy, a whirlwind of country-fried nostalgia and punk attitude, punctuated with truly tight harmonies”

“[The Defibulators] sing and yelp about drinking gasoline, crawdads, towed Toyotas, go-go trucks, grease, and cigarettes. They love dirty mics, a lo-fi ambiance, and a rootsy nostalgia perspective that not only encompasses vintage folk country but also a twangy rockabilly and vaudevillian air.”

“The Defibulators deliver a therapeutic musical shock to the system, imparting a bit of their primal aggression via a conduit of 50’s tinged twang and garnished with a dash of the devil’s own fiddle”

“New York city!? Yessiree, Bob! Brooklyn stompers, The Defibulators sing it like it ought to be sung. Keep yer ears open and plant this mp3 in your iTunes.”

“Roots-rocking punk iconoclasts…Corn Money is a brash, bold, trend setting accomplishment for The Defibulators. This is exciting and original material for challenging times.”