“Everybody’s Got A Banjo” Photo Show at Chelsea Market

Everybodys Got A Banjo

Portraits by Teddy Telles

Song by The Defibulators

“EVERYBODY’S GOT A BANJO: Instrument of the Everybilly is a series of portraits taken August 28th in a photo booth at The Defibulators’ Debt’ll Get’em Album Release Party at Brooklyn Bowl.  Fans stormed the live “Everybody’s Got A Banjo” photo booth over a period of 4 hours where fashion/music photographer Teddy Telles shot hundreds of portraits. A selection of 50 portraits subsequently displayed at Chelsea Market in NYC for a six week gallery exhibition.

The photo project was inspired by The Defibulators’ the tongue-in-cheek new track of the same name which playfully skewers the instrument’s recent ubiquity in their home borough of Brooklyn and in pop culture more broadly. Everybody’s Got A Banjo premiered with a featured article in TIME on August 28th, 2013


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The Defibulators’ Bug Jennings writes:
There was a time when the banjo was the American household instrument. More people knew how to play a banjo than they did a guitar.  The banjo was pop. Then as music styles evolved, it slowly got neglected, rejected, dejected, and ridiculed for about a hundred years. (Except of course within the hardcore bluegrass and folk worlds).  Now suddenly it’s come back full force and everybody wants to be its friend again.  A lot of people have realized what an great instrument it has always been, but beyond that, it’s become a trendy icon unto itself. It’s never ceases to amaze me where a banjo will turn up these days. Even the Robin Thicke Blurred Lines video has got a naked gal bouncing around with a banjo. Now, that’s gratuitous!  But it looks cool, so who cares what it sounds like or that’s it’s an incredibly difficult instrument to master.

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  1. PatMinNYC says:

    Stopped by Chelsea Market yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find my mug up on the wall :>) Many thanks guys – that night was kick ass on many levels!!

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