The Defibulators go to Prison!

While in Belgium, we played our first prison gig.
Belgian PrisonThe Hoogstraten State Prison is an old castle that Napoleon used to hang out in.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the inmates, but here is the view of the auditorium from the stage:
Prison auditorium

For dinner we ate prison sandwiches and drank toilet wine.
Prison Food Riddles Prison Block Sandwich

The inmates were loud and rowdy, hollering at Bru throughout the set, and Metalbelly nearly caused a riot at the end of ‘Down in Mexico’.

Here’s our video diary of the gig:


  1. Uncle Rich & Aunt Deb says:

    FABULOUS. Chris you guys are the greatest. Your Mom gave us the link to follow your european trip.
    Enjoy all. Miss you. Have fun. Say Hi to MOM when you see her.
    Love ya

  2. Chris, FABULOUS. We will be following your european trip via the web site. Your Mom gave it to us. Say Hi to her when you see her next week. You guys are the GREATEST. Enjoy your trip. Say Hi to the band also.
    Love ya

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