California Summer Tour!

Cali tour routeOn June 19th, we head west again for a 9-city tour of the Golden State.. Find us in a town near you!

Thurs. 6/19 – JOSHUA TREE @ Pappy & Harriet’s
Fri. 6/20 – LOS ANGELES @ The Echo w/ Jimbo Mathus, 8Track Cadillac
Sat. 6/21 – BUELLTON @ Standing Sun LIVE
Sun 6/22 – SAN FRANCISCO @  The Chapel w/ Misisipi Mike Wolf
Wed. 6/25 – SANTA CRUZ @ The Crepe Place w/ Kristin Andreassen and Wooden Sons
Thurs. 6/26 – TRUCKEE @ Truckee Thursdays
Fri. 6/27 – SACRAMENTO @ Harlow’s w/ The Brothers Comatose
Sat. 6/28 – CHICO @ The End of Normal
Sun. 6/29 – UKIAH @ Sunday’s in Todd Grove Park

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Music Fog

While at the Americana Festival in Nashville we had the honor of taping a few tunes for Music Fog. Yes, they did get us out of bed effin early, but we made it – just barely. It was the morning after our Basement show and we really tied one on that night. I think Roadblock’s solo says it all. Big thanks to Jessie, Aaron, and the entire crew at Music Fog – they worked tirelessly and missed out on most of the conference to do their thang. And what a noble thang it is. You can read the the cool write up Jessie did on us here. And check out the amazing endless archives they have on their site.


Ok, folks…It’s time to play, “What the Hell is Going on Here?!”

This video was taken after the last gig of our Corn Money tour in the spring.   It was late and everyone’s sanity was hanging by a thread and Bug got  riled by a song that came on the radio.  The audio was lost. Can you guess what song was playing that provoked the madness?

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Was it…

A) The Final Countdown by Europe

B) Back in Black by ACDC

C) Right Now by Van Halen

D) Rumor in the Night by Manfred Mann

Leave a comment with your guess and we’ll send you the answer.