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Eurolog: The Franco Files

WARNING: MAY CAUSE VERTIGO, EXTREME EXCITEMENT, and HEART PALPITATIONS. It’s a live take, shot on a FLIP camera by our French friend and fan, Stan, as he couldn’t resist dancing to the DEFiBILATORs song, ‘Defibulator’, while trying to keep the shot centered. It proves for a very experimental look into yet another moment of the Euro Tour, Fall 2009.

Eurolog: The Franco Files from the defibulators on Vimeo.

Filmed and shot by Stan Marcais.

Wierd European Santas. Vol.1

We came across our first of many bizarre Santa displays we’ve found on tour here.

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This ‘Sinterklaas’ is from a storefront in Lier.

The Defibulators go to Prison!

While in Belgium, we played our first prison gig.
Belgian PrisonThe Hoogstraten State Prison is an old castle that Napoleon used to hang out in.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the inmates, but here is the view of the auditorium from the stage:
Prison auditorium

For dinner we ate prison sandwiches and drank toilet wine.
Prison Food Riddles Prison Block Sandwich

The inmates were loud and rowdy, hollering at Bru throughout the set, and Metalbelly nearly caused a riot at the end of ‘Down in Mexico’.

Here’s our video diary of the gig:

European Roadblog#2

by the way, we have chickens in the back yard. we eat their eggs.
they also entertain us.

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Who’s down for a remix of “Chicken Behind A Hat”?

European Tour Arrival

IMG_3907 IMG_3923

Arriving in Belgium with plenty of baggage…
But we’re greeted with a raised US flag at our homestead in the woods…

And the best beer in funny glasses at our new local pub.

IMG_3913 IMG_3914a

This one’s a Kwak….                                               … and this one’s Whaak